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Urmet Pro Installer training courses are aimed at companies that are installing larger or complex 2 wire or IP digital systems for multi dwelling residential applications. Thereafter the associated price incentive scheme offered by the factory is available for all 2Voice and IPercom system installations purchased by a certified Pro Installer company.

To qualify for a pro installer training course you will require :-
  • Secured installation of a suitable digital system
In addition to the above to qualify for the pro installer price incentive scheme we require:-
  • Completion of qualifying criteria web form and agreed T&C’s
  • Engineering commitment to 2Voice pro installer training course (typically ½ day duration)
Once your application has been submitted we will advise you if your application has been successful.

Price incentive
  1. 1. This incentive is by invitation only and subject to meeting minimum spending criteria on 2Voice and IPercom systems.
  2. 2. We reserve the right to remove the incentive from an individual installer if the minimum spending criteria is not met in any calendar year
  3. 3. For each qualifying company we will provide up to 2 No. Android tablets (max 1 per engineer) with the 2Voice or IPercom Pro App on successful completion of the training.
  4. Each training course will be for up to a maximum of 4 engineers.
  5. Incentives are not available until your engineers have successfully completed the training.
  6. The Pro installer scheme is re certified annually.

Qualifying Criteria


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