Yokis is a complete range of digital modules, composed of transmitters, receivers and remote controls able to create simple home automation systems that allow the use of multiple controls for centralised management of shutters, lights and automatic systems with no control units.

Yokis is available in wired, radio and hybrid versions, depending on the system requirements and the application field, and is able to manage a number of programmes and functions. In fact, there is a wide range of solutions available for lighting and automation: controls, dimmers, centralisation, timing, scenarios, signalling systems and night saving modules.

Yokis modules stand out for ease of wiring and installation, as well as for maximum flexibility and easy programming that significantly reduce time and cost of professional installers, making them appealing for both new projects and the refurbishment market.

There are multiple advantages for the end user. In a click, Yokis combines easy building automation functions with smart applications that increase home comfort, such as the creation of light-shutter scenarios, presence simulation at home or the activation of a night light in a child’s bedroom.

The Yokis Smart Home is also integrated with Google Voice Assistant and Amazon Alexa; allowing you to manage Yokis devices with voice commands, both locally and remotely. The voice commands are received by the voice assistants which send commands to the Yokis Hub and activate the features of the house. You can control lights, shutters, doors and other devices quickly and easily, either directly or by using scenarios.

You can ask your voice assistant to:

  • Open the door or the garage.
  • Turn lights on or off.
  • Adjust the intensity/dim the lights.
  • Switch off an appliance.
  • Open or close roller shutters and curtains.

In order to utilise Yokis with a voice assistant you will require:

  • A Yokis hub
  • A configured Google Home device
  • Installation of Yokis radio modules in your electrical system.

The Yokis YnO app can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store by searching “YnO”.

Learn more on www.yokis.com or view our catalogue of products here

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