MTR2000ERP - 2000w 10A Radio Toggle Relay

MTR2000ERP - 2000w 10A Radio Toggle Relay with Neutral for Pushbuttons

Code 5454462

Thanks to its potential free contact, the MTR2000ERP can control any device up to 2000W (e.g. light, exhaust fan, irrigation, gate, garage door, etc.) requiring a dry contact. Due to its combined wired and radio operation, it can be controlled by a wired pushbutton and a radio transmitter simultaneously. It is the only module of the range that can operate on the contact in pulse mode (e.g. electric lock) and in monostable mode (e.g. bell) through programming on transmitters. It can be operated by pushbutton or switch and can control another radio receiver, even to create centralised and group controls, becoming a battery-less transmitter. It can be centralised with a single pilot wire, through accessory R12M or Radio Bus and can be used as a staircase light timer.

Functional features:

Inrush current limitation through filament pre-heating. Built-in electronic protection in case of short circuit on the load, with automatic reset after the fault is eliminated. Electronic overheating protection. Can be controlled by 12 or 48 VAC or DC with ADBT accessory. Immune to mains disturbances up to 1.5 kV. Increases light bulb and pushbutton duration.

Technical specifications:

Network voltage: 230 V~ (± 15%) - 50 Hz.
Power: on resistive load: 10A – 250VAC, max. 2500VA. Other loads: 10A – 30VDC max. 300W.
Consumption: < 1 VA - < 0,3W.
Room temperature: -20°C + 60°C.
Sound level: < 60 dB at 20 cm.
Relative humidity: from 0 to 70%.
Range: 250m in free field without obstacles. Range is reduced by metal items, walls or partitions.
Frequency: 2.4 GHz.
Transmission: Two-way with notification LED on transmitter.
Dimensions (LxHxD): 33 x 48 x 22,5 mm.

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