MTV500ER - 500w radio dimmer

MTV500ER - 500w radio dimmer with neutral and optional timed operation

Code 5454454

 The module is compatible with the controls of all wiring systems.

Brightness can be adjusted within a 3% to 100% range for 5 to 500W loads by holding down the pushbutton. Allows the use of several pushbuttons in parallel (two-way switch circuit or inverters). Possible use in 3-wire or 4-wire mode, without neutral wire, compatible with all commercially available wiring systems. Soft Start and Soft Stop features. The ability to dim brightness allows for significant cost saving. The MTVT500 module allows to set the automatic switching off from 2 seconds to 4 hours, with advance switch-off function available. Switc-off notification configurable by the installer. A double timer allows keeping the lights on for one hour (press for 3 seconds).

Dual memory:

  • The last brightness level set is stored and can be retrieved at the first press of the pushbutton.
  • 100% brightness level is easily retrieved with 2 short presses of the pushbutton.

The flush-mounted module MTV500R is 100% waterproof for outdoor installation. Also works with pushbuttons equipped with light indicator (max 20) by adding a single BV40 accessory (item no. 5454071).

Functional features:

Sine-wave brightness variation, at phase start or end, through automatic recognition of load type. Inrush current limitation through filament pre-heating. Automatic disabling in case of short circuit on the load, with automatic reset after is eliminated. Electronic overheating protection. Double overload protection with power cut-off. Immune to mains disturbances up to 1.5kV Range: <100 sq. m within the same room 50m in free field without obstacles. Range is reduced by metal items, walls or partitions. Frequency: 2.4 GHzv Transmission: Two-way with notification LED on transmitter.

Technical specifications:

Network voltage: 230V ~ (+10% - 15%) - 50Hz.
Power: No minimum power limit.
Max power: 300VA/500VA.
Maximum current: 1,3A / 2,2A Sealed boxes: 1,3A /300VA Other boxes: 2,2A/500VA.
Room temperature: -20°C + 40°C.
Relative humidity: from 0 to 70%.
Dimensions (LxHxD): 29 x 12 x 66 mm.

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