RTE14 / RTE15

The RTE14 (surface mount) and  RTE15 (flush mount) emergency exit switch is suitable for use with fail safe releases and maglocks. The “Press to Exit” button uses a normally open contact to trigger the access control or door entry system timing circuit, and also a normally closed contact which is connected in series with the cable supplying the release, meaning that if the access control or door entry system is offline, the power to the release will be mechanically cut and the door can always be opened.

The emergency “press to escape” button triggers the timing circuit within the device which in turn breaks the power to the release. After a pre-set period of time (1, 6, 12 or 34 minutes) the door will automatically re-lock.

The “press to escape” button also mechanically breaks the power to the release making the device truly fail safe.

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