Comments and Ratings

Comments and ratings are based on customer service, product and technical support.

You are invited to leave comments and ratings to let us know about your experience. By doing this, you agree that we can publish your comments and ratings on our web site and/or use them in other marketing activities.

Comments you leave should be focused on your interaction with Urmet.

For example:-

  • How satisfied were you with how your order was packaged and delivered?
  • Did you get good customer service and a prompt quotation?
  • What was your installation experience like?
  • Did you receive the technical support you required?

The rating system is 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best.

Your rating and comments will be sent to our marketing team where the content will be checked and verified. Urmet reserves the right to filter, publish, not publish or remove comments at any time.

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