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Enter Pelle style, bespoke leather keys from Urmet!

The Latest News From Urmet

Pelle keys from Urmet are manufactured in London, using traditional leather manufacturing processes. An inlay tag containing an electronic chip and coil is encapsulated in a protective PET cover then inserted within the leather key. Available in 13.56Mhz or 125Khz.

Selected for its durability Pelle keys are manufactured from long lasting vegetable tanned leather.

Elekta Glass - Creating an Entrance at Preston Hall!

The Latest News From Urmet

Developers Weston Homes have chosen the Elekta glass digital video entry panel for their prestigious new development, Preston Hall. Preston Hall is a Victorian mansion built in Jacobean style consisting of 36 luxurious and unique one, two, three and four bedroom apartments, houses and villas.


Urmet Gives You More In 2015 - Brand New Miro Now Available On 2Voice!

The Latest News From Urmet


Out with the old and in with the new...

Urmet hope you have started the year off nicely and we wanted to bring a brand new product to you and that is the Miro. The Miro offers everything that our Signo Monitor does and much more.

Below we have indentified 7 key features for the Miro:

1. Compact size but the screen is bigger 4.3"
2. LED for active call signalling
3. Mute Function
4. Colour and brightness adjustment
5. Second gate opening
6. Possibility to undertake 3 intercom conversations
7. Includes a metal bracket for wall mounting


Welcome To The New Urmet Showroom In London!

The Latest News From Urmet

Welcome to the new Urmet showroom in London, which is situated in The Building Centre at the very heart of the Capital’s architectural community.

This showroom takes Urmet to the new level and exposes us to the people and businesses who ordinarily would not engage with Urmet as they perhaps are unfamiliar or unsure what we have to offer.

It is a user a friendly space for potential new business, including the very latest in market leading security solutions. We have the successful ElektaSinthesi Steel panels along with our AikoSigno and the latest iModo flush and standard monitors, running on the IPervoice (IP) and 2Voice (2 wire) platforms.

Security InstallersArchitectsConsultants and Developers can come and see for themselves and gain a real hands-on experience and appreciate the full benefits of the Urmet range live.

You are able to visit the showroom independently or arrange an appointment with one of our sales representatives who will be able to demonstrate our products to you. Click here to book your appointment.